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Idol; Richard <3

December 2012

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Idol; Richard <3


I need moneys. Please buy my things. I'm not sure if I still have all these things.
Just name a price and I'll tell you if it's okay.
I'm trying to get at least $200.

I just got a job as well, so if you'd like to loan me monies and I pay back that'd be awesome.





The Inferno - Dante Alighieri
Candide - Voltaire SOLD!
The Mayor of Casterbridge - Thomas Hardy

The Pearl - John Steinbeck
Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck

Violin - Anne Rice
Twilight - Stephanie Meyer (hey, I tried to give it a fair chance)


GetBackers 3
GetBackers 2
Pet Shop of Horrors not sure, The white spot is where the cover rubbed off
Bleach 2
Eerie Queerie 1
Bleach 1

The Wallflower 1
Ranma 1/2 1
Psychic Academy 1
Petshop of Horrors not sure
Petshop of Horrors not sure
GetBackers 1

Angel Sanctuary 1
Garfield and the Return of the Mummy
Naruto 1
Petshop of Horros not sure
Sailor Moon novels 1-5

Kana cards are missing the inlet
Japanese for Dummies tentatively SOLD!
Japanese Coursebook


Merry, Sci-fi Romantic
Psycho le Cemu in USA
Hold Your Key 2005 (comes with vhs)
Merry, I don't remember
Gold Rhapsody vhs
Noir fleurir

Vicious gone!
NEO genesis [kirito cover]

Shoxx [wyse cover]
Shoxx [kohta cover] [bad condition, could be free if you buy a lot]

Zy. [anchang cover]
Zy. [nightmare cover]

Glare [the GazettE cover] (has chords and such, filth and the beauty)
Cure [kannivalism cover]

Fool's Mate [Kirito Kiyoharu cover]
Fool's Mate [Merry cover]

Fool's Mate [kirito, kohta, takeo cover]
Fool's Mate [Gara & Mao cover]

Fool's Mate [Nightmare cover]
Fool's Mate [Merry]

Fool's Mate [Penicillin cover]
Cure [girugamesh cover]

Trapt - Someone in Control (I believe I have their first CD for sale as well)
Shiny Toy Guns
Switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown
Justin Timberlake
Fefe Dobson

Penicillin Nano
SADS - Sad Blood Rock'n'Roll
Duel Jewel - Vermillion
Phantasmagoria - Shadows of Sanctuary
Virtue - can be free with many purchases
Dir en grey - The Final

High School Musical 2, Korn, Penicillin Shock 2000 dvd, SADS, plcisgone, Japan for Sale

I have an autographed Versailles (w/ Jasmine You) and Sugar photoset. Those still into the scene, do you think there would be any good way to sell these?

Also, I'm willing to sell my Authentic Sidney Crosby (home) jersey to a good home for a fair price.

There will probably be more added on Sunday when I get back to my apartment :) So, yeah, check back! To be added? Many more cds, possibly more dvds, assorted things.

Since so many of my friends have helped me out by publicizing this post, you can also contact me by email at eroholic@gmail.com ♥



Ffffffff I would totally buy that Cure with Girugamesh on the cover if I wasn't in the same financial hell you seem to be in too. FML, amiright?

Edited at 2010-06-19 12:20 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm short rent and my friend wants to sell me his xbox for a ridiculously low price, but both have time limits so I'm trying to get the money for both.... and I like eating. At least I have a job now D:

If I still have it after this I'll keep it around for you when you ain't broke <3
Unlock this post and I will X post it to facebook =D
Unlocked :D I thought I had unlocked it originally. Guess not D:

Love you!
I also totally wish I was not in the same financial boat either because I would LOVE to take some of that merch off your hands.
Isn't being broke awesome? D:

At least I'm employed now and should be back on my feet soon... and then I can go out there and see you :) Hopefully you'll get one soon too.
I'd buy stuff or loan you some but all my monies are reserved for my shiny iPhone ;; lol
And that is a fantastic reason! lol. I actually have a tab open commenting on your entry about the phone. I'm excited for you. lol. I think it's because you were the one to convince me on my iPhone, so I'm excited to hear what you think of the new one :)
I wish I had some extra money and could help you out. ;_; But I did post this on Facebook and told people to spread the link around if they know people who might be interested. :3

I hope you come up with all the money you need.

Thank you so much! It means a lot!

Thank you again, I hope so too lol. I'm hoping my dad will at least help me a bit since I did get a job which proves I've been trying.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3~
I don't know how much it costs in retail...how much does that Japanese for Dummies go for? I've always wanted it but never got around to getting it.
It normally goes anywhere from $15-25 I believe. :)
Will you take $10 for it then? I'm honestly saving every penny I have for my trip but I can spare a little to help out. Do you have paypal?
Yes and yes :) eroholic@gmail.com, You can email that address your address as well :)
Done and done. <3
Awesome! Thank you! I'll send it out Monday or Tuesday :D
I could prob be persuaded to take a few of those magazines off your hands. And maaaaybe the PLC DVD >.> bc I still really like them. idk. I have to check my bank account and see how much money I actually have first.

...I'm also making mental grabby hands at the Pet Shop of Horrors manga. I think it will come down to those or the DVD.

I'll let you know tomorrow how much I can spare and we can work out exactly which items I want and prices and delivery method (I prefer in person. fyi. I misses my liz)
Hokay :) just text me tomorrow cause I'll be in Wichita falls :)
Also in a few weeks I should be up on my feet again, especially if selling these thigs is sucessful so that I'll be able to see you more.
Alrighty =D
I'm really interested in the Sailor Moon novels... but the most I could offer would be $5 a piece, and I really feel that would be screwing you ;~;
Well, I'm going to see if I can't sell them at $10 a piece first and if I can't then I'll sell them to you :)
I figured since i give money to "bums" and idk if they actually need it, I'll loan you some monies after Sunday (it's ma payday <3 and you legit need it). I would right now... but buying shoe's broke me D:

Versailles Photoset

Hey ^.^

Do you still have the versailles photoset with autographs, and would you sell it now? ^.^

PM me if you like ^.^
Thanks ^.^